Barons Signature Products

Cowboy Steak:
A two inch ribeye steak of the finest quality for your next campfire.

Black Dragon Marinated Tri-tip:

A full tri-tip roast fully marinated in our exclusive recipe. Robust and slightly spicy. A good choice for barbeques.


Marinated Pork Chops:


Marinated Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast:

Champagne Dijon

Red Dragon (Lime & Cumin)

Key West Flavored (Citrus Herb)

Basil Balsamic with Garlic

Jamaican Jerk

Chipotle Honey as well

Champagne, Tarragon, Dijon



Baron's makes many different types of sausages right in the shop. We use our fine cuts of pork, lamb, and chicken in our exclusive recipes.

Hot Italian - Pork & fennel, spicy

Sweet Italian - Pork & fennel

Chicken Italian - Chicken & fennel, mild

Chicken Moroccan - Chicken & Moraccan spices

Alameda Merguez - Lamb & Middle Eastern Spices, spicy

Cheese and Parsley - Pork, mild

Bratwurst- Pork- In the  classic Mid West Style, mild

Andouille - Pork & Classic Cajun spices, medium spicy

Chicken apple- Our own recipe

Breakfast - Pork, Traditional sage & black pepper, mild

Many others just ask!